Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Little Better..

Sometimes in life You feel so much hand cupped and weak that nothing seems like going ur way.
Stopped writing blogs or rather i was so Upset and engaged with something that i didn't get the time too..
My last blog entry traces back to 3 days before when Sayam and I had nice time as he instructed and helped me learning XML, little about RSS and mainly Python. The day after that i had plans to again continue the study of Python when in the morning I heard that "Pishemashai" is detected or diagnosed having a malignant tumor in lungs. Though i am miles away from Biology still i knew what it meant. He has a dreadful disease which i dont want to take the name of. That day whole family was just like a stand still. My father being the elder of brothers and my Aunt living just few kms from our house Father got into huge pressure as he knew it was time that he will have to play a major part. After 2 days means on Monday at last after many confusions and quarrels and varying opinions we all decided to take "Pishemashai" to Apollo hospital in Kolkata.
That day My father , Aunt, Two Uncles (father's colleagues) went with the ambulance taking my "Pishemashai" to Kolkata. Pishemashai was very ill then as approximately he was 5 days without food. He couldn't eat and so health was going down drastically. After reaching Kolkata the rushed him to hospital and today we are informed that he' little better..all the tests are done..treatment will proceed soon..he is been feeded through Saline. My papa is still there so is my aunt. I hope and pray to GOD daily that he will be well soon. These days I was with my Mom and another aunt at home just to keep things going here and to support mom and aunt.
Hope everything gets fine soon and i as soon as possible get back to study and Python.

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