Saturday, June 02, 2007

Am I at World's End ??

Today We all friends went to see Pirates of Caribbean (At world's End) . It is a splendid movie and really Hats off to Disney Pictures for such tremendous amount of Graphical Effects. The Film is full of Graphical Sequences and is Edited Excellently. I didn't saw the 1st and 2nd part yet till i didn't have much problems understanding the story and most importantly enjoying the film. Johnny Depp and Orlando Broom are masters of there Art and they really do a marvelous acting in the film (Specially Johnny Depp). A film is a must c for both Children's and Adults.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

After a long time...

After a long gap (a little unusual) started writing blogs again...Time heals many things so happened to me and my family too..Its now 2 months that Pisheymashai has passed and initially it was so traumatic that really all of our family stood past each other at this clarion call. Mejo pisi really is still now in shock and grief but has relieved herself a little...really a tough time passed..I really miss my Pisheymashai. [:(]

In between college days got over and that really was a tough time as with people ur attached or bonded with for 4 years its really hard to leave them and move forward. Happiness, excitement and grief mixed farewell ended our official entity in the college. All my friends are joining in different companies and at different places. We all r detached and really feel pain in believing that the golden chapters of my life college also draws a close. Last sem exams also was a gr8 experience (as we all did give it in a totally different style). I will really miss all my friends as i feel a bond has developed really in between us, So missing them in every moment of my life. I too miss the faculty , my college building rather every bit stuffs of my a whole missing my college stuffs...

I hope i write regularly now again...still i get my joining letter.. [:(] ... all study stuffs r yet to b opened again and one of the main is again getting into LINUX. Today a thing happened about which i will write tommorow..

Today me drawing a close...............[:)]..

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Disheartened, Broken and Time full of Crisis..!!

Today at 1.10 am my Pisheymashai passed away. When I last posted about 7 days back from now, he was probably a little better. But Day to day he deteriorated and ultimately this Sunday was taken to ICU. He was on life support system and artificial respiration...peritoneal dialysis etc. Despite all the efforts of the doctors there and us the family members he left all of us.
I cant describe here how the days from 21st passed. I was crying sometimes or the other but was cautious not to be watched by someone. Actually my Pisheymashai despite all odds was a very jolly person who always had a smiling face. Sunday night at about 1.00 am when i was called by my uncle and informed that Pisheymashai is in ICU i was nervous tensed worried and i knew this means chances of his survival is reducing. That night whole of my family was awake and the next morning we all moved to Kolkata by hiring a car. When we reached the hospital and I and Papa visited the ICU room believe i couldn't stand there for more than 5 minutes as i couldn't see the condition he was in. He was fully controlled and supported my machines. I was terribly sad tears rolled down my eyes and stopped. Now today nearly at 1.00 am we were informed by Hospital staffs that he's in very critical condition. At 1.10am they told us that he has passed away. My papa being so strong broke down to tears so did Mom. I was holding mine and still holding as I am supporting my family and telling them not behave likewise and if i suddenly broke to tears who will be a support to them ? I m crying now and should stop writing now !! I have many jobs pending now mainly that of Final Sem project, Learning Python and Accessories , A LTSP implementation course or classes which we have to take at Kolkata.........all these but My life is at sudden stand still now. I don't know what to do , when to do ? I think papa will move to Kolkata today and i will be here with Mom. I don't know how to manage my Aunt in this terrible conditions. Lets Hope GOD helps us to overcome this situation.
Talking about GOD he didn't listen to me despite my prayers everyday. I don't know why but my faith, believe, respect in GOD has received a major shock after this incident today. Miracles do Occur but to whom I don't know...I did hope a miracle to occur and so Prayed to GOD daily but miracle didn't happen. So now I find that if its in fate nobody can change it xcept GOD, but he didn't change ours .......... !!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Little Better..

Sometimes in life You feel so much hand cupped and weak that nothing seems like going ur way.
Stopped writing blogs or rather i was so Upset and engaged with something that i didn't get the time too..
My last blog entry traces back to 3 days before when Sayam and I had nice time as he instructed and helped me learning XML, little about RSS and mainly Python. The day after that i had plans to again continue the study of Python when in the morning I heard that "Pishemashai" is detected or diagnosed having a malignant tumor in lungs. Though i am miles away from Biology still i knew what it meant. He has a dreadful disease which i dont want to take the name of. That day whole family was just like a stand still. My father being the elder of brothers and my Aunt living just few kms from our house Father got into huge pressure as he knew it was time that he will have to play a major part. After 2 days means on Monday at last after many confusions and quarrels and varying opinions we all decided to take "Pishemashai" to Apollo hospital in Kolkata.
That day My father , Aunt, Two Uncles (father's colleagues) went with the ambulance taking my "Pishemashai" to Kolkata. Pishemashai was very ill then as approximately he was 5 days without food. He couldn't eat and so health was going down drastically. After reaching Kolkata the rushed him to hospital and today we are informed that he' little better..all the tests are done..treatment will proceed soon..he is been feeded through Saline. My papa is still there so is my aunt. I hope and pray to GOD daily that he will be well soon. These days I was with my Mom and another aunt at home just to keep things going here and to support mom and aunt.
Hope everything gets fine soon and i as soon as possible get back to study and Python.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Effective Learning

Yesterday i was about to write the blog but was unable to do i was feeling terribly sleepy. Yesterday Sayamindu helped me to learn Python and also got knowledge of RSS and XML from him only. i was being taught through Google talk (Google chat messenger). It was a great experience and upto 2.00 am in the morning i was doing all these stuffs.

Morning was not very eventful..except we had our first class tests...:P. There was a organized arrangement of seats according to roll number and bla bla... but no effective use because we all copied..:P , But writing continuously for a hr is miserable really .

Also a little disturbed about that my "Pisheymashai" which is the Bengali term for husband of Aunt , is ill . The disease till now is not diagnosed properly , but from symptoms and reports everything not seeming very good. I am very worried about it along with everyone of my family. Hope he gets around fit quickly and recovers from his illness. I whole heartedly pray to GOD..plz GOD listen to my prayers , cure him .

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Busy with World Cup 07

After college stuffs today solely concentrating on Cricket World Cup 07 ..

gr8 news is from tomorrow there's class test and i know nothing...God help me...:(

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I did few classes !!

Today is a big day for me..without wasting time at the mess i went to college..but gr8est thing is i did 3 classes .!! I attended two classes of Industrial Management and also one class of Advanced Java..!!
In the evening late hrs...i ws totally ragged (mentally) by some gr8 persons of my locality..after this type a mental ragging i m alive and happy..........i Survived........ :)