Monday, November 27, 2006

Indian Standard Time

New Delhi

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pressure's building.....Xams nearing...!!

Though internet is a hobby of mine and i love it from my very class X but i now feel its somewhat lagging me in studies..and great ORKUT actin as the last straw to break the camel's back..Too much pressure dis days..i still have not completed preparing my summer training report..working hard to prepare it..jst 5 min a day i suppose...ha ha..i m a super slow human..perhaps !! Giving seminar on RPM packaging..thanx to KD da as he forced me again to give this topic as seminar. Actually sometimes i like giving khisti bt this time he really took a good decision till selecting RPM as a i m quite likin this topic..Actually i owe quite lot to KD da..The lil amt of enthu or pace which i have i think is a gift of KD da to me..even writing blogs....!!! Semester is jst knockin on the door..and me still in BLOGGER or ORKUT wasting my time..ok i shudnt waste more..i need to go to sleep..A day is again over..i m a day older..a day closer..!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A bit Lazy out...

Thought of writing blog in middle but i got a lil bit Lazy out now....Many a incidents occurred actually missed them writing in the blog..i will try to recalculate them all so that it at least gets listed here..btn today writing some technical stuffs out..I downloaded Firefox 2 today and installed i liked Firefox more than IE thats from the now it got better..really i m jst in love with FIREFOX. Go download and Install from..

Firefox 2

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Late by a DAY.....!!

Uffff..i always am late than i think i wud b. I have many stories to Share..beleive i think i shud post it one by one..On AUG 25th came P.C.Sorcar(Junior) a felicitation ceremony organaised by our College..When i came to know about this schedule i was writing my last blog from internet LAB.I was Xcited as i thought like any person of the college that we will come across Magician P.C.Sorcar with loads n loads of tricks to kp u out of Innumerous tensions.So from the very 1st period...jst moved to the seminar hall to get the front row seat and managed one too..along with my TCS colleagues..nd other frnds of mine (TCS colleagues r Sandipan(sandy),Romik(ROLA),Ambarish(Sxy ambu) nd Sayantani(Tooni) 2 b more precise).Those of who has seen PC SORCAR..u must admit..tht his looks is itself a Magic...Bt that Day ther ws somethin more..Whn he came to deliver a speech..ther whr started the magic..U beleive me for 1hr 20 min he delivered his speeches..nd ther's no still i will remeber tht 1hr 20 min Thruout my LIFE..if I M n INDIAN n thts a powrful ws his MAGIC of soon i find tht video or audio of it i will upload it too my Blog..u shud hear him to beleive him...tht whole day i thought abt tht person..nd i ws overcharmed..n tht night opened a ORKUT community of PC SORCAR lovers..i m crazy right..ya i m at i njoy myself the most then only....Hats Off to PC Sorcar..!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I will write tommorow..

Actually i missed many thinks in share with .. bt i have injured myself..(its a long story boss) and my fingers n hands r paining..i mst go to sleep..i will write tomm morning..its 1:45 am now..cya gd night...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

today coll gave a lil.. ray of hope....

today after many days coll gave a lil ray of hope......after a test of my ultimate patience..coll super fast internet helped us to open orkut..ha i m a strong man of patience after 5 tries i succeded yupeeeee.......i didnt do a single class today..yesterday's blog i told abt winning for others..i did win in case of kuntal... im sure today...ha !!! another my achieve ments LIST....hope its my achievements...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Writing...after long time again..

Hectic schedules of normal routined life ... taking me out of ME..Everything though remaining the same ..time's just passin away.Though i got a job in TCS till its not the easy life now as i dreamt off...sem projects..additional projects..seminars..departmental papers..CAT preparetion.. all r jst running after me...i wanna get out of it..but with my strongest of tries also i cant.. After long time i did something i thought i would stop doing..but seeing Kuntal and feeling for up to do the same job..i know i got a success..but still i remain the same..I have to Stop all these feelings for everyone..i have to !! , but again..i cant..Life's driving me where i dont know..even i cant give myself time,
i have thought always "enough soumya" get it done..i tried also nd failed everytime i tried to win for myself(except TCS)..and the tragedy lies that i won every game i played for others..i think LIFE's fooling me this a test of time..if yes..ITS THE LONGEST TEST..

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I Got the job --- I Got TCS

he frnds today its my frst blog and its perhaps happiest moment of my life, i got TCS . writing blog was a shear inspiration of Kd da and now i hope i love writing blogs. any how i am very happy today