Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Late by a DAY.....!!

Uffff..i always am late than i think i wud b. I have many stories to Share..beleive i think i shud post it one by one..On AUG 25th came P.C.Sorcar(Junior) a felicitation ceremony organaised by our College..When i came to know about this schedule i was writing my last blog from internet LAB.I was Xcited as i thought like any person of the college that we will come across Magician P.C.Sorcar with loads n loads of tricks to kp u out of Innumerous tensions.So from the very 1st period...jst moved to the seminar hall to get the front row seat and managed one too..along with my TCS colleagues..nd other frnds of mine (TCS colleagues r Sandipan(sandy),Romik(ROLA),Ambarish(Sxy ambu) nd Sayantani(Tooni) 2 b more precise).Those of who has seen PC SORCAR..u must admit..tht his looks is itself a Magic...Bt that Day ther ws somethin more..Whn he came to deliver a speech..ther whr started the magic..U beleive me for 1hr 20 min he delivered his speeches..nd ther's no still i will remeber tht 1hr 20 min Thruout my LIFE..if I M n INDIAN n thts a powrful ws his MAGIC of soon i find tht video or audio of it i will upload it too my Blog..u shud hear him to beleive him...tht whole day i thought abt tht person..nd i ws overcharmed..n tht night opened a ORKUT community of PC SORCAR lovers..i m crazy right..ya i m at i njoy myself the most then only....Hats Off to PC Sorcar..!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

I will write tommorow..

Actually i missed many thinks in share with .. bt i have injured myself..(its a long story boss) and my fingers n hands r paining..i mst go to sleep..i will write tomm morning..its 1:45 am now..cya gd night...