Thursday, March 15, 2007

Effective Learning

Yesterday i was about to write the blog but was unable to do i was feeling terribly sleepy. Yesterday Sayamindu helped me to learn Python and also got knowledge of RSS and XML from him only. i was being taught through Google talk (Google chat messenger). It was a great experience and upto 2.00 am in the morning i was doing all these stuffs.

Morning was not very eventful..except we had our first class tests...:P. There was a organized arrangement of seats according to roll number and bla bla... but no effective use because we all copied..:P , But writing continuously for a hr is miserable really .

Also a little disturbed about that my "Pisheymashai" which is the Bengali term for husband of Aunt , is ill . The disease till now is not diagnosed properly , but from symptoms and reports everything not seeming very good. I am very worried about it along with everyone of my family. Hope he gets around fit quickly and recovers from his illness. I whole heartedly pray to GOD..plz GOD listen to my prayers , cure him .

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