Thursday, August 24, 2006

today coll gave a lil.. ray of hope....

today after many days coll gave a lil ray of hope......after a test of my ultimate patience..coll super fast internet helped us to open orkut..ha i m a strong man of patience after 5 tries i succeded yupeeeee.......i didnt do a single class today..yesterday's blog i told abt winning for others..i did win in case of kuntal... im sure today...ha !!! another my achieve ments LIST....hope its my achievements...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Writing...after long time again..

Hectic schedules of normal routined life ... taking me out of ME..Everything though remaining the same ..time's just passin away.Though i got a job in TCS till its not the easy life now as i dreamt off...sem projects..additional projects..seminars..departmental papers..CAT preparetion.. all r jst running after me...i wanna get out of it..but with my strongest of tries also i cant.. After long time i did something i thought i would stop doing..but seeing Kuntal and feeling for up to do the same job..i know i got a success..but still i remain the same..I have to Stop all these feelings for everyone..i have to !! , but again..i cant..Life's driving me where i dont know..even i cant give myself time,
i have thought always "enough soumya" get it done..i tried also nd failed everytime i tried to win for myself(except TCS)..and the tragedy lies that i won every game i played for others..i think LIFE's fooling me this a test of time..if yes..ITS THE LONGEST TEST..