Wednesday, May 30, 2007

After a long time...

After a long gap (a little unusual) started writing blogs again...Time heals many things so happened to me and my family too..Its now 2 months that Pisheymashai has passed and initially it was so traumatic that really all of our family stood past each other at this clarion call. Mejo pisi really is still now in shock and grief but has relieved herself a little...really a tough time passed..I really miss my Pisheymashai. [:(]

In between college days got over and that really was a tough time as with people ur attached or bonded with for 4 years its really hard to leave them and move forward. Happiness, excitement and grief mixed farewell ended our official entity in the college. All my friends are joining in different companies and at different places. We all r detached and really feel pain in believing that the golden chapters of my life college also draws a close. Last sem exams also was a gr8 experience (as we all did give it in a totally different style). I will really miss all my friends as i feel a bond has developed really in between us, So missing them in every moment of my life. I too miss the faculty , my college building rather every bit stuffs of my a whole missing my college stuffs...

I hope i write regularly now again...still i get my joining letter.. [:(] ... all study stuffs r yet to b opened again and one of the main is again getting into LINUX. Today a thing happened about which i will write tommorow..

Today me drawing a close...............[:)]..

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